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Dran Classic

Robotic Spot Welding Line for Wheel Arch


Dran Classic

Robotic Spot Welding Cell for Brake Pads Assembly


Dran Classic

Robotic Spot Welding Line for Side Wall of Commercial Vehicle


Dran Classic

Load Body Welding Fixtures

Attain significant speed, maintain uniformity, and weld with integrity with Dran Group of Companies. We design and manufacture robotic spot welding Fixtures and Robotic lines in the field of BIW (Body in White), thus maintain good contact between the parts to be welded. Achieve consistency in welding, and weld difficult spots with robotic sport welding Systems. These lines are capable of obtaining consistent results on a wide array of materials, without compromising on speed.

With its years of experience in automotive industry, Dran Group of Companies offers premium level technology to the entire manufacturing sector and suppliers. It doesn't matter whether you need standard or customized welding lines; we strive to render them in a way which matches your ideas, thus satisfying your industry needs.

BIW Solution Provided by Dranclassic