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Reduce human touch, fatigue and maximize production with our special purpose machines (SPMs) as per customers need which can work round-the-clock. We manufacture special purpose machines for various applications like Linear Welding, Circular welding, Assembly, riveting, engine firing Test, file Manufacturing & Inspection Machines.

In any company, quality, productivity and minimum rejection are the key factors which decide productivity and this can be achieved with special purpose machines. These are designed to work 24 hrs, with minimum human interference.

Our out of the box approach and diversified experience has made us manufacture a varied range of special purpose machines irrespective of their complexity. We have set up a benchmark in providing automated machines to various industries for boosting efficiency and reducing the work force.

Special Spot Welding Machine for Bus Floor Panel

Special Spot Welding Machine for Bus Floor Panel

Special Spot Welding Machine for Bus Floor Panel

Special Spot Welding Machine for Bus Floor Panel

Features of automated material handling systems manufactured by Dran Group of Companies include

  • Pneumatic Clamps Fixtures
  • Electro Pneumatic Clamps Fixtures
  • Hydraulic Clamps Fixtures
  • PLC Clamps Fixtures

Work safely with heavy components with these material handling systems. They have advanced programming and are capable of addressing issues related with heavy material lifting and shifting.

Perform pick and place or lift and carry with other handling systems for doing repetitive task with speed and precision.

Special Purpose Machine Develop on Following Applications

  • Con Rod Preston Assembly Machine
  • Armature Riveting Machine
  • Planet Plate Swaging Machine
  • Petrol Tank Auto Welding Machine
  • Battery Lead Welding Machine
  • Engine Firing Bad
  • Bus Side Stretching Machine
  • Hinge Torque Machine
  • Auto Seat Assembling Machine
  • Break Paddle Assembly Machine
  • Auto Welding Machine
  • Robotic Gluing Machine
  • Head Light Resting Machine
  • Auto Con Rod Bolting Machine
  • Bearing Pressing Machine
  • Head Rest Skinning Machine
  • Crank Shaft Gear Assembling Machine
  • Chocolate D-molding Machine
  • Cylinder Handling Lifting Conveyer
  • File Indenting Machine